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Remote Configuration for Network IP Security Cameras & NVR

Posted by Administrator on 1/11/2012 to Updates
Its easy to source a great deal on IP security network cameras from TriStar Security Products, but its not the easiest of tasks to configure one! With that in mind, we are excited to announce our remote configuration and remote setup services. If you would like our technicians to help you remotely configure and setup your network IP cameras or NVR products, just let us know via email and we'll setup an appointment for you. How it works: 1) You will need to connect your IP network cameras to your local network. 2) You will need a computer connected to your local network (same as the IP network cameras or NVR) 3) Our technicians will guide you to a website where you'll allow remote access to your computer 4) Our technicians will then setup and configure your cameras, NVRs, etc. according to your requirements For questions, concerns, and pricing, please contact us at: remote-setup@tristarcctv.com