ExacqVision IFS03D1OCWIT

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ExacqVision IFS03D1OCWIT Illustra Flex 3MP mini-dome, 2.8-12mm, outdoor, vandal, clear, white, TDN w/ IR, TWDR.

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ExacqVision IFS03D1OCWIT

Illustra Flex 3MP mini-dome, 2.8-12mm, outdoor, vandal, clear, white, TDN w/ IR, TWDR.

High-Quality Video Recording with Enhanced Bandwidth Management

Optimal Image Clarity
The versatile Illustra Flex Mini-Dome is a True Day/ Night camera that provides 3MP full HD resolution for high-quality images in both indoor and outdoor environments. The P-Iris lens delivers clear video in changing light. Also, the outdoor Flex Mini-Dome features built-in IR illuminators to produce clear images at an effective distance in a variety of low light conditions.The True Day/ Night functionality switches the camera automatically between color, and black and white mode depending on the ambient illumination level allowing the camera to maintain crystal clear images day or night.

Smart Bandwidth Management
Illustra® IntelliZip provides powerful bandwidth management beyond H.264 and H.265, reducing network bandwidth and video storage requirements. This embedded technology continuously monitors and optimizes system streaming parameters to match the level of activity within the camera’s field of view. When the camera detects motion, IntelliZip automatically adjusts the video quality to ensure every detail within the region of interest is captured clearly. When the scene becomes static, IntelliZip continues to optimize bitrate.

Seamless Failover Redundancy
The new TrickleStor feature on the Illustra Flex product line allows video recording to continue on the edge when an outage occurs. If communications between the NVR and cameras are interrupted or stop, the camera automatically detects the anomaly and begins recording video to its SD card. With TrickleStor, once the connections are restored, the recorded video is then transferred back to the NVR’s hard drive for seamless viewing later.

Reduced Cyber Risk
The Flex product family adheres to the rigorous security standards of the Tyco Security Products Cyber Protection Program (CPP)*. The CPP is an extensive and systemic approach to developing, configuring, and
supporting physical security products and systems that help manage the risks associated with cyber-attacks and meet IT security demands.

Adaptable Design
With a small, aesthetically pleasing design, the affordably priced Illustra Flex Mini-Dome offers an effective solution for retail stores, schools, small bank branches and small to medium size offices with a tight budget and a variety of surveillance needs. With a recessed mounting option, these cameras can be strategically placed to blend into a variety of both interior and exterior locations such as the cash register
terminal at a retail store or above a drive-thru ATM.

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