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Qnap VS-4112U-RP-PRO+US Network Video Recorder Server

Qnap VS-4112U-RP-PRO+US Network Video Recorder Server

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Model #:VS-4112U-RP-PRO+US

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Hard Drive

Powered by the Intel® dual-core processor and 4GB of memory, it delivers high performance at a throughput rate of 250 Mbps to ensure stable recordings and smooth playbacks of multiple megapixel cameras. The 4-bay rackmount VS-4112U-RP Pro+ is designed for the SMB segment with the features of robust performance, solid reliability and high-definition local display.

The VS-4112U-RP Pro+ can support up to 16TB of storage capacity, with 4TB on each hard drive respectively, to accommodate high quality H.264, MPEG-4, M-JPEG, and MxPEG recording videos. The VS-4112U-RP Pro+ supports local display via an HDMI cable, with up to 180 fps Full HD 1080p local display by hardware decoding.

Surveillance Features

Complete Recording Functions

High Quality H.264, MPEG-4, M-JPEG and MxPEG Recordings (depending on the camera models)

All-in-one Recording Functions

  • Continuous/manual/scheduled recording *
  • Alarm recording (by multiple events), alarm recording schedule *
  • Pre-alarm and post-alarm recording
  • Audio recording
  • Auto snapshots
    * Different recording schedules for the IP cameras.

Megapixel Recordings
The VioStor NVR supports megapixel recordings (up to 10-megapixel) from various IP cameras.

Multi-stream support
Administrators now can flexibly define multiple video streams (supported by specific camera models) according to bandwidth resources and number of live-view channels. The adjustable video stream setting helps improve the displaying quality of live-view and well manage the bandwidth resources based on different usage requirements.

Smart Recording
The VioStor NVR automatically selects video streams from IP cameras for different recording scenarios. In normal situation, video recording maintains at lower quality resolution. While the alarm event happens, video recording switches to high quality resolution to capture more details. In other words, smart recording effectively avoids the constant storage consumption at all time, but achieves greater storage efficiency and boost recording quality when alarm events happen. (Please visit here for camera compatibility list.)

Real-time Digital Watermarking
The VioStor NVR supports real-time digital watermarking to protect the videos and snapshots from unauthorized modifications. The Watermark Proof utility is provided to verify whether or not the videos and snapshots are original.


Network Surveillance with Full HD 1080P Local Display
Diversified Modes for Local Monitoring

  • 1, 4, 6, 8, 9, 10, 12, or 16-channel display modes
  • Sequential display mode

High Resolution Local Display
The VioStor NVR provides an HDMI port which can be connected to an HDMI monitor or TV for doing monitoring in the full HD (1920 x 1080) resolution.

Convenient Control of PTZ and Speed Dome Cameras
The PTZ (Pan/Tilt/Zoom) cameras can be adjusted directly and the preset positions of the IP cameras can be viewed on the local display interface of the VioStor NVR.

Digital Zoom
Digital zoom (in/out) of the video image is supported on the monitoring and playback interfaces of the NVR.

On-screen Event Alert
When an event occurs, an alert icon will be shown instantly on the local monitoring page. The alert details can be viewed by clicking the alert icon

Video Search
The VioStor NVR supports convenient video search by date and time on the local playback interface.

Local Video Playbacks on HDMI Monitors or TVs
The VioStor NVR supports direct video playbacks on HDMI monitors or TVs.

Quick System Setup
The VioStor NVR can be set up in simple steps on the local display interface.

Network Surveillance by Web-based Interface to Perform
Real-time Remote Monitoring

Cross-platform Support
Use QNAP Surveillance Client for Windows and Mac to watch the live view and play back the recording files on the VioStor NVR.

Cross-browser Compatibility
On the Windows PC, you can also use Google Chrome, Microsoft Internet Explorer, or Mozilla Firefox to enjoy our surveillance features.

Multi-server Monitoring
Connect to one VioStor NVR and monitor up to 128 channels from other VioStor NVR servers over the LAN or WAN via an IE browser.
Note: The feature is supported by Google Chrome, Microsoft Internet Explorer, and Mozilla Firefox


Diversified Remote Monitoring Modes

  • 1, 4, 6, 8, 9, 10, 12, 16, 20, 25, 36, 42, 64-channel, and sequential display modes
  • Dual-display mode


Smart Control of PTZ & Speed Dome Cameras
The PTZ (Pan/Tilt/Zoom) cameras can be directly adjusted by the web user interface of the VioStor NVR.


Preset Position Control and Auto Cruising
The preset positions of an IP camera can be viewed by clicking the corresponding number buttons on the monitoring page. The time interval can also be configured on the PTZ cameras to perform periodic monitoring.

Instant Event Notification
When the alarm recording is enabled and an event occurs, an alarm icon will be shown instantly on the monitoring page. The alert details can be viewed by clicking the icon.

Digital Zoom
Digital zoom (in/out) of the video image is supported on the monitoring and playback interfaces.


Dynamic E-map
The VioStor NVR provides the E-map function for users to upload the digital maps and indicate the locations of the IP cameras of a monitoring location or region.


Remote Video Playback
Multi-view Playback
Use the multi-view playback feature to divide a video equally into multiple sessions for doing playback in a multi-view window, or play the videos of multiple IP cameras in the multi-view window simultaneously.


Video Search by Date and Time, Timeline, Event, Intelligent Video Analytics (IVA)
The VioStor NVR supports quick video search by date and time, timeline, event, and intelligent video analytics (IVA), which includes motion detection, foreign object, missing object, out of focus, and camera occlusion.
How to useHow to use intelligent video analytics on playback

Event Management
Advanced Event Management

VioStor NVR supports various event handling options for different kinds of events.

  • Events: Motion detection, alarm input, connection failure, recording failure, and user-defined event.
  • Actions: Video recording, email alert, SMS alert, buzzer, PTZ camera control, alarm output, and user-defined action.

Real-time SMS and Email Alert
Configure the SMTP server and SMSC server settings on the NVR in order to receive instant system warnings or error messages by email and/or SMS

Convenient Backup Solution
Storage Expansion
VioStor NVR provides surveillance storage expansion solution which enables users to leverage the Turbo NAS storage capacity. By installing the StorageExpansion QPKG in the Turbo NAS, administrators can connect the VioStor NVR with the Turbo NAS to flexibly enlarge the total surveillance storage. (Please visit Download Center to download StorageExpansion QPKG.)

Scheduled Remote Replication
The VioStor NVR supports scheduled remote replication for performing secure data backup to a remote QNAP NAS on the local network.

One Touch Auto Video Backup
Configure the one touch auto video backup button at the front of the NVR to copy the data from the NVR to an external storage device when the button is pressed.

Excellent Hardware Design
Intel® CPU and DDRIII Memory for Superior System Performance
Powered by the Intel® CPU and DDRIII memory, the VioStor NVR delivers superior performance for surveillance applications.

Linux Embedded System
The Linux-based VioStor NVR is more power-saving and less vulnerable to virus attacks compared to the PC-based surveillance solution.

Huge Storage Capacity for Long-term Recordings
The VioStor NVR supports RAID 0, 1, 5, 6, 5+hot spare, single, and JBOD disk configurations. Its hot-swap design allows a failed drive of a disk volume (RAID 1 or above) to be replaced by hot swapping without turning off the server.

Mobile Surveillance by VMobile
Use the VMobile network surveillance application on Android phone, Android Tablet, iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch to easily access video management functions Multi-view Playback
Use the multi-view playback feature such as remote live view and playback recordings. In addition, the account on the VioStor NVR can be used to connect to an unlimited number of NVRs and IP cameras by VMobile through Wi-Fi, 3G, or 4G networks.

Camera function
Fisheye Dewarping
The fisheye dewarping function, available on the web and local display interface for specific fisheye cameras and specific cameras with panomorph lens, assists in doing practical surveillance management, allowing the administrators to view the monitoring area in a clearer shape.

Security Control
Authority Management
Create multiple users on the VioStor NVR and assign them to different user groups (administrator, system manager, or user) with different rights for doing monitoring, playback, PTZ control, and audio monitoring.

Auto Logoff
The VioStor NVR supports automatic user logoff from idling configuration pages. The administrator can set the timeout period to log off the users when the idling time has been reached.

Host Access Control
Specify the host or IP connections to be allowed or denied to access the NVR.

On-line User List
View the record of users currently logged on and previously logged on to the NVR.

Detailed Event Logs
The VioStor NVR provides detailed event logs of system warnings, hard disk errors, network disconnections, UPS status, and access to the networking services of the NVR and video recordings

High Reliability and Smart Features
Advanced RAID with Hot-swap Design
The VioStor NVR supports RAID 0, 1, 5, 6, 5+hot spare, single, 6+hot spare and JBOD disk configurations. Its hot-swap design allows a failed drive of a disk volume (RAID 1 or above) to be replaced by hot swapping without turning off the server.

Online RAID Capacity Expansion and Online RAID Level Migration

  • Online RAID Capacity Expansion
    The storage capacity of a RAID configuration can be expanded by replacing the hard drives with larger ones. All the data will be kept and seamlessly moved to the newly installed hard drives. There is no need to turn off the server during the process.
  • Online RAID Level Migration
    Upgrade the disk configuration to a higher RAID level with the data retained without turning off the server.

S.M.A.R.T. & Advanced HDD Health Scanning (HHS)
S.M.A.R.T. (Self-Monitoring Analysis and Reporting Technology) helps monitor the hard disk drives status. The VioStor NVR supports HHS (HDD Health Scan) for doing disk checking and bad blocks scanning.

Automatic System Startup after Power Recovery
The VioStor NVR supports automatic system startup after a power recovery.

UPS Support for 24/7 Service
The VioStor NVR supports APC, CyberPower, MGE, and YEC UPS devices to provide continuous services 24/7 against unexpected power outages.

DOM Architecture with Embedded Fail-safe Dual OS for Enhanced Reliability
All the OS and applications of the VioStor NVR are embedded in the DOM. The VioStor NVR allows system booting without accessing the physical disk sectors to prevent from unsuccessful system startup caused by bad blocks or file errors on the hard drives. Two operating systems are built on the DOM to boot the system alternatively upon every system startup. When one fails, the other one can be used for system startup and the failed OS is recoverable from the other healthy OS.

Network Services
Dual Gigabit LAN Ports

  • Failover
    This mode allows the VioStor NVR to sustain the failure of one network port to provide continuous services.
  • Load Balancing
    This mode provides bandwidth aggregation to boost the file transfer speed (works with managed Ethernet switch with 802.3ad configured).
  • Multi-IP Settings
    Two IP settings can be configured on the NVR to allow network access from two different subnets.

Built-in DDNS Service
The VioStor NVR supports dynamic DNS (DDNS) for convenient access to the system by a domain name instead of a lengthy IP address.

Built-in NTP Server
This feature allows the connected IP cameras to synchronize their date and time settings with the NVR.

Convenient Data Access
The video data on the VioStor NVR can be accessed via the following protocols with proper access rights:

  • SMB/CIFS (Windows).
  • HTTP (Web file management)
  • FTP

Easy Configuration and Management
System Setup in Simple Steps
The NVR can be set up in 6 simple steps via the local display or web-based interface (Internet Explorer).

Web-based User Interface
All the system configurations, monitoring, and playback features of the NVR can be managed by the web-based interface.

Smart Search of IP Cameras for Quick Settings
QNAP provides an intelligent software utility, Finder, to search for IP cameras and configure the system settings on the local network quickly.

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