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NUUO 2-Channel Upgrade License for NS-1040 NVRsolo Standalone NVR

NUUO 2-Channel Upgrade License for NS-1040 NVRsolo Standalone NVR

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Model #:NS-SOLO-UP-02
The NUUO 2-Channel Upgrade License allows the NS-1040 NVRsolo standalone NVR to record videos from 2 additional cameras in addition to its existing standard support for 4 cameras.

NVRsolo is a Linux-embedded stand-alone system, providing a stable and good quality local display through HDMI or VGA interface. As a network-based surveillance system, NVRsolo processes remote access ability to strengthen its usability. It features two useful functions, one-click setup and ezNUUO. One- click setup saves the time in camera configuration by searching and automatically adding cameras in the system. ezNUUO facilitates the process of establishing Internet access to the NVRsolo system, meaning there is no more router settings for remote (IE 8 and IE 9) and mobile viewing (iPhone, iPad, Android). Being consistent with all the systems in NUUO Mainconsole family, NVRsolo is compatible with NUUO Central Management System and support POS.

Technical specifications:
  • Type: Network video recorder
  • Video outputs: HDMI / VGA (max.4 MP IP-cameras)
  • IP video channels (active): 4
  • IP video channels (extendible): up to 8
  • IP Channels (act./ext.): 4/4
  • Audio inputs:1 x Cinch
  • HDD capacity (internal): 2 TB
  • Max. HDD capacity: 1x 3,5" HDD @3TB or 2x 2,5" HDD@1TB
  • External HDD possible: through eSATA
  • RS-232 interface: Yes, 1x
  • USB ports: 5x
  • Ventilation: Fan
  • Internal RAID: RAID 0,1
  • DVD-RW: No

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