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NUUO NH-4000-Ent-1T Enterprise Server 3U 4 Bay Embedded 1TB HDD

NUUO NH-4000-Ent-1T Enterprise Server 3U 4 Bay Embedded 1TB HDD

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Model #:NH-4000-Ent-1T
The NUUO NH4000 Enterprise Hybrid Appliance (4-Bay, 1 TB) is a professional surveillance recording system designed to record and stream live video from up to 32 analog and 64 IP cameras. Joystick support allows you to control a camera's panomorph (360°) and PTZ functions, thereby reducing the number of IP cameras required for your surveillance setup.

The NH4000 Hybrid Appliance features an intelligent playback system with 6 video analytics searches that include general motion, foreign object, missing object, loss of focus, video signal lost, and camera occlusion. In addition, 10 instant alarm notifications (email alert, E-map popup) are sent to the user on detection of any of the above events.

Users can connect to the NH4000 via Web Viewer (Internet Explorer) and view up to 16 channels of live video. In addition, the Remote Live Viewer allows viewing of up to 128 channels of live video on multiple monitors from different locations. The streamed footage can be accessed on your iPhone, iPad, or Android mobile phone via the Internet. In addition, you can also control camera’s PTZ functions via your smartphone.

All key server functions are available on a single screen on the GUI menu, making it easy for the users to setup recording schedules (daily or weekly) and configure key server settings. E-mapping, another handy feature in this NVR, offers a quick overview of the surveillance area, indicating the location of the CCTV cameras or the site where an event occurred. The watermark option helps protect the recorded data from being copied or tampered with.

Other advanced imaging features include video enhancement tools for fine-tuning the image visibility, sharpness, brightness, contrast, and grayscale. You can also take snapshots from the recordings in JPEG format to print or save critical images for future use.

  • Supports 52 brands of IP cameras, megapixel cameras, and video servers with remote viewing and live video recording
  • Records and streams live video from up to 64 IP cameras and 32 analog cameras 1
  • Records in MPEG4, M-JPEG, MxPEG, and H.264 formats
  • Works with NUUO CMS (Central Management System) for monitoring large-scale projects
System, Setting, Management and Integration:
  • SCB-3000, SCB-6000, SCB-7000, and SCB-7100 series DVR cards can be used as video servers
  • Footage is recorded from analog cameras in D1 resolution at 30 fps
  • POS and I/O device integration
  • Can stream video to multiple Remote Live Viewers, web clients and mobile clients simultaneously
  • Supports 6 types of video analytics including general motion, missing object, camera occlusion, foreign object, lose focus and signal lost
  • Each IVS alarm can trigger up to 10 unique instant notifications
  • Joystick support on PTZ cameras and software-enabled digital PTZ function
  • GUI recording schedule featuring continuous recording, motion recording and the 6 unique event recording modes
  • User can define the recording schedule for each camera on a daily basis
  • Live view video can be displayed on each monitor
  • Monitor 1 and 2 can both display live view video and act as an alarm monitor, or monitor 1 can be used for live view and monitor 2 for playback
  • Allows for automatic camera search in the network 2
  • Auto detection function will help the user find the brand and model of the camera after specifying its IP address
  • Intelligent 2-way (in and out) counting of object, people and traffic
  • Supports unlimited number of users with detailed and fully customizable user privileges for each user
  • Network Flow Monitor for checking and blocking data streaming bandwidth of each remote client connection to Hybrid Appliance if the flow rate is very high
  • Automatically recycle up to 1 day's worth of recording files when the storage is full
  • Separate recycle schedule between recordings and log files
  • Open SDK for integration with third-party systems such as access control, automation, burglar alarm, video analytics, and others
  • Instant Playback for replaying the last few minutes of any live video channel on the Main Console and Remote Live View
Live Display:
  • Multi-view allows simultaneous viewing of the same video on multiple channels for detailed surveillance
  • Joystick support on PTZ cameras and software-enabled digital PTZ function
  • Support for panomorph lens-based PTZ cameras for 360° surveillance
  • Preset points and patrol functions are also available on many camera models
  • Supports 1024 x 768, 1200 x 900, 1280 x 1024, and 1600 x 1200 screen resolutions
  • E-mapping for complete coverage of the surveillance area, indicating the location of the CCTV cameras
  • Bandwidth Monitor for displaying the bandwidth usage of individual cameras and remote viewing clients
  • Two-way audio for listening and recording audio via the camera's microphone
Playback, Search, Export and Secure Data:
  • Search for 5 types of different analytics events, digital PTZ, and video enhancement tools are all available in playback
  • Play up to 16 channels of recorded video simultaneously both locally and remotely
  • Video enhancement tools for fine-tuning the image visibility, sharpness, brightness, contrast, and grayscale
  • Search for 5 different special events (general motion, missing object, foreign object, camera occlusion and signal lost) in recorded files with date, time, and log file
  • Converts videos to AVI or ASF file format and takes snapshots from recording in JPEG format for future reference
  • Export unusual event, system log, and counting application data to xls or txt file
  • Watermark option for protecting the data from being copied and is also useful for tamper detection
  • DBTool for reconstructing, repairing or moving the recordings to a local or external drive
Remote Operations:
  • For access and display of live footage from multiple NH4000 servers simultaneously
  • Up to 128 channels of live video on 2 monitors with 64 channels per monitor
  • Remote Playback application for playback of 16 channels of recording from the NUUO NH4000 Appliance:
  • Easy to use input and output control panel to remotely trigger digital outputs and monitor input status
  • A map view with a convenient preview window of where the cameras and I/O devices are located
  • Web-browser (client) for displaying up to 16 channels of live video stream or 16 channels of playback in Internet Explorer from any single NUUO server
  • PDA Viewer: Snapshot of up to 16 channels or 1 channel live display; PTZ and I/O control
  • Streamed footage can be accessed on your iPhone, iPad, or Android mobile phone via the Internet
  • You can also control the camera's PTZ functions via your smartphone
Extension Service:
  • Embedded remote desktop server that will host any NUUO remote desktop clients to remotely configure Hybrid Appliance software (remote desktop client is installed separately)
  • Supports mobile devices through 3G network to stream live view video
Smart Guard:
  • Smart detection of 6 camera events, 14 different user-defined POS events, digital input events, and 4 system events
  • Camera events include general motion, missing object, foreign object, focus lost, camera occlusion, and signal lost
  • Digital Input Event and 4 System Events (System alarm on Disk Space Exhausted, System alarm on System Health Unusual (CPU temperature), System alarm on Resource Depleted (CPU loading), and System alarm on Network Congestion)
  • Instant alarm notification is the most cost efficient way to automatically respond to any smart detection event
  • 10 automatic instant alarm responses include play sound, send e-mail, phone call, PTZ preset go, signal digital output, send an SMS, send to central server, send snapshot to ftp, and popup e-map on event
CPUIntel Core i7-2600 processor (8M cache, 3.80 GHz)
Channel64 (maximum)
Capture CardSCB-6000S, SCB-7000S, SCB-7100, SCB-8000 series (capture card)
OSWindows 7 64-bit Pro
Embedded Hard Drive1 TB hard drive
Drive Bays4 x SATA II
Recording PerformanceD1 @ 960 fps + 1.3M @ 320 fps / D1 @ 1920 fps/ 1.3M @ 420 fps
CompressionH.264, MPEG-4, MJPEG, MxPEG (depends on IP camera)
Browser / Remote ClientRemote Live Viewer (Software), Remote Live Viewer (Web), iViewer (Mobile App)
Remote Client OSWindows 2008, Windows XP (32-bit), Vista (32-bit), Win7 (32 and 64-bit)
Mobile Client OS PlatformiPhone, iPad, Android
RAID LevelRequires independent RAID controller card
External StorageiSCSI (Proware SB-3164E-G1S3 3U, Promise VessRAID 1730i 2U )
Ethernet Port1 x Gigabit ports, RJ-45 / 2 x Gigabit Ports, RJ-45 (optional)
External Ports2 x USB 3.0, 8 x USB 2.0
Voltage100 - 240V
Power Consumption750 W
Optical Drive24X Dual Layer DVD+/-RW
Keyboard and MouseYes (USB)
Temperature32 to 104°F (0 to 40°C)
Humidity5% ~ 95%
Supported LanguagesBulgarian, Chinese (Simplified), Chinese (Traditional), Czech, Danish, English, Farsi, Finnish, French, German, Hebrew, Hungarian, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Norwegian, Polish, Portuguese (Brazil), Portuguese (Portugal), Romanian, Russian, Serbian, Slovak, Spanish, Swedish, Thai, Turkish
Dimensions20.7 x 19 x 7" (528.3 x 482.6 x 177.8 mm)
Weight55 lb (24.9 kg)

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