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Messoa NVR203-008 8 Channel Plug n Play Full HD Network Video Recorder

Messoa NVR203-008 8 Channel Plug n Play Full HD Network Video Recorder

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The NVR203-008 is a versatile yet affordable network video recorder (NVR), targeting at analog users wishing to migrate to IP surveillance but unfamiliar with the technology. No complicated network settings or additional computer required, the Linux-based NVR solution supports plug-and-play with the selected MESSOA NVR-ready megapixel cameras and can be easily set up in three simple steps just like a DVR. Taking advantages of the network video technology, the NVR provides high-quality video local display and recording up to 1080p resolution in H.264 compression, along with remote access through web, CMS and mobile APP. The NVR203-008 is a perfect entry-level IP solution for small-scale installations such as residences, small businesses, and offices.

• Plug and Play, as easy as DVR
Hassle-free installation in three simple steps. Simply connect all the MESSOA cameras and devices, turn on the system with the zero configuration, one-click setup, and the system is ready to go without the need for any complicated wiring or network configuration.

• 1080p Real-time Recording at 25/30fps
Record superior quality video streams up to 1080p resolution at high frame rates provided in H.264 compression, delivering greater detail and much smoother video display for better identification and view experience than conventional CCTV systems.

• 1080p Local Display via HDMI
Operation also requires no effort as the NVR supports local display through either VGA or HDMI. High-definition video streamed from the megapixel cameras in maximum Full HD 1080p resolution can be viewed live right on the local screen.

• Pentaplex Multi-task
The robustness and stability of the embedded Linux NVR system allows for five simultaneous operations at the same time, including local live view, recording, setup, network configuration and data backup for meeting the multi-tasking surveillance needs.

• Compatible IP Camera Table

Models Plug & Play Installation Discovery Installation Manual Installation
1.3MP NCC700 ü ü ü
NDZ760 ü ü ü
2MP NCC800(WL) ü ü ü
NDF820   ü(*) ü(*)
NDF821   ü(*) ü(*)
NDF831   ü(*) ü(*)
NDR891   ü(*) ü(*)
NCR870   ü(*) ü(*)
NDF820PRO   ü ü
NDF821PRO   ü ü
NDF831PRO   ü ü
NDR891PRO   ü ü
NCB855PRO   ü ü
NCR875PRO   ü ü

(*) Only supports 1.3MP resolution 

• NVR Recordable Time 
Bit Rate HDD
Main Sub Total 1Tx3 2Tx3 3Tx3
4ch 8ch 4ch 8ch 4ch 8ch
5M 1.5M 6.5M 15Day 6hr 7Day 15hr 30Day 12hr 15Day 6hr 45Day 16hr 22Day 21hr
5M 1M 6M 16Day 12hr 8Day 6hr 33Day 16Day 12hr 49Day 12hr 24Day 19hr
4M 1.5M 5.5M 18Day 1hr 9Day 36Day 2hr 18Day 1hr 54Day 3hr 27Day 1hr
4M 1M 5M 19Day 19hr 9Day 21hr 39Day 14hr 19Day 19hr 59Day 9hr 29Day 18hr
3M 1.5M 4.5M 22Day 1hr 11Day 44Day 2hr 22Day 1hr 66Day 3hr 33Day 2hr
3M 1M 4M 24Day 19hr 12Day 9hr 49Day 14hr 24Day 19hr 74Day 9hr 37Day 5hr
2M 1M 3M 33Day 1hr 16Day 12hr 66Day 2hr 33Day 1hr 99Day 3hr 49Day 14hr
1.5M 0.5M 2M 49Day 14hr 24Day 19hr 99Day 4hr 49Day 14hr 148Day 18hr 74Day 9hr


 Messoa 4 Channel NVR

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