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AXIS T8312 Video Surveillance Keypad

AXIS T8312 Video Surveillance Keypad

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Model #:Axis T8312 Keypad

Axis Part #

  • Modular system
  • Precise control of PTZ cameras
  • Professional Planning
  • Durable quality
  • Easy to install

Flexible Options

AXIS T8310 Video Surveillance Control Board is a modular system with three separate joystick, keypad and jog dial units. This modular system allows the user to choose a simple solution such as only the joystick, or a complete solution with all three modules for the management
of the camera and movies.

Quick navigation and accurate control

AXIS T8311 Video Surveillance Joystick lets you control accurately and with maximum sensitivity all Axis network cameras, PTZ and dome cameras.With AXIS T8312 Video Surveillance Keypad the user can quickly move between workspaces, cameras, views and PTZ presets. The product AXIS T8313 Video Surveillance Jog Dial is used to move between the recorded movies. 

All three units are made of durable materials and finishes and they look professional, responsive to the environment of a room of video surveillance.The units have been designed for use with the left hand and right. AXIS T8311 Joystick is a 3-axis joystick with a turn knob and six application defined hotkeys. AXIS T8312 Keypad has ten application defined hotkeys and 12 preset keys.AXIS T8313 Jog Dial also has six application defined hotkeys and a navigation wheel.

The units are easy to install via the USB interface. When using the control panel AXIS T8310 complete, the modules are connected through the AXIS T8312 Keypad serving as a USB hub. The product AXIS T8310 Control Board is supported by AXIS Camera Station 3.30.


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