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Small Sized Axis M3004-V 720P HD Compact Network Security Camera

Posted by Admin on 5/31/2013 to Updates

AXIS M3004-V

The AXIS M3004-V is a palm sized network camera that’s as easy to afford as it is to install. This is a camera designed to be used indoors and works as a fixed dome, ideal for shops, hotels, schools and any other commercial setting. If you're looking for a device that’s perfectly simple, very affordable and incredibly flexible, then look no further!

Simplicity and Flexibility

The small size and compact design of the M3004-V makes it virtually vandal-proof, as well as ensuring that it stays resistant to dust. Because it’s so simple to install, you will be able to use it in almost any setting and move it quickly and easily when you need a different view of the action. And when choosing that view – your imagination is the limit. That’s because the model can easily be mounted on walls or ceilings, thereby ensuring that you can work around any store layout and see those hard-to-reach areas that might otherwise have proven elusive.

Axis M3004-V Compact HD Dome Camera

To further aid the simplicity, the M3004-V comes ready focussed on delivery so that you don’t need to fiddle yourself. Images can be easily levelled too and with a 3-axis angle adjustment, you can get it to bend over backwards to deliver you the security you need.

High Quality and Packed With Features

Despite its small size and smaller price tag, the AXIS M3004-V does not scrimp when it comes to quality or features. This smart little camera supports HDTV 720p and records at a resolution of 1 megapixel making sure that you can see everything and that you won’t miss a detail.

Another useful feature of the camera is its wide horizontal viewing angle of 80 degrees which should ensure you don’t miss anything just out of shot. With a few of these devices you should be able to cover the entire area of any room. To lend further versatility too, Axis’ ‘Corridor Format’ is also supported, which makes it easier to record vertically oriented aisles and other locations. No more craning your head and getting an achy neck!

With a 6.6ft network cable included, you won’t be limited by connectivity, and Power over Ethernet (IEEE 802.3af) helps to ensure that you only need one wire and makes installation as simple as possible.

Files are stored easily using an available slot for micro-SDHC memory, and streams can be encoded as either H.264 or Motion JPG. On top of all this, the M3004-V boasts intelligent ‘tamper detection’ as well as motion sensors and optional software integration using its Application Programming Interface (API).

Everything You Could Need in a Small and Simple Package

When it comes to security, overly complex solutions are always appropriate. You don’t want to have to have to earn a PHD every time you want to set up a new camera and you don't want to have to take out a loan either. With the AXIS M3004-V, things are kept simple and affordable so that there are minimal roadblocks between you and more secure premises. Nevertheless, with high quality recording and a wealth of options, it ensures you won't be compromising on efficiency either.