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Axis M2014-E Small HD Compact Network Security Camera is in Stock!

Posted by Admin on 6/3/2013 to Updates

Axis M2014-E

The Axis M2014-E is a small HDTV network ‘bullet’ camera that boasts a stylish design that doesn’t compromise on functionality. In sheer white, the small camera is as nice to look at as it is effective at guarding your premises. With internals to match its eye-catching aesthetics, the Axis M2014-E is a high-performance 720p camera that’s incredibly versatile and suitable to a range of locations and circumstances.

Axis M2014-E Small Compact HD Network IP Camera

Compact, Flexible and Simple

Being a ‘bullet’ camera with a smart design, the AXIS M2014 will seamlessly blend into its surroundings and is ideal for use in stores and other commercial settings where you might not want a huge ostentatious camera drawing attention to itself. Other uses include boutiques, hotels and offices – this will look great mounted to a shelf or desk or in the corner of each room.

This isn’t just any old small camera though, the AXIS M2014 makes use of a smart design that allows it to be more portable than any ‘regular’ camera. This is because it is composed of two separate units – one part for the camera alone and then a separate main unit which can be connected by an 8 meter cable. Essentially, this unique solution allows you to have your camera’s internals hidden separately which allows you to keep the part you need as light and compact as possible. This also helps to make your device more tamper-proof.

All this is combined with a highly simple installation which means that anyone can set up the M2014 with ease. There’s no need to be technical – just put the camera where you want it and plug it in. Power of Ethernet means you’ll never need to worry about running independent power supply, while great compatibility ensures everything will work with your existing setup.

Great Features and Quality

Despite the small size of the Axis M2014-E, this is still a high performance design, capable of capturing crisp 720p and able to benefit from a wide range of additional features. Intelligent software for instance allows the M2014 to benefit from highly sensitive motion detection, while the tampering alarm makes sure that no one can by-pass your security systems without raising your attention.

Like many AXIS products, the M2014-E also supports the useful ‘corridor format’ which allows the device to more easily record in a vertical format – perfect for narrow aisles and other similar settings. For your money, you also get support for the AXIS Video Hosting System with one-click camera connection. I/O ports allow for use with external devices. It’s also a durable and tough little fella, with its IP66 rating ensure that it won’t be beaten by dust or even heavy rain.

Great Style, Great Quality, Great Price

At TriStar Security Products, we are proud to offer the best products at the best price – and that’s precisely what you get with the AXIS M2014-E. This is a fantastic option for anyone who wants to keep their premises secure without creating an eyesore, and for anyone who wants to take advantage of the most premium features in an affordable, simple and compact device.