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AXIS Camera Station 1 License Add On Software

AXIS Camera Station 1 License Add On Software

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Model #:Axis Camera Station 1 License Add On

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The Axis Communications 1-Channel Upgrade Add on Camera License allows 1 additional Axis IP camera to be accessed for viewing, recording and control over a network. In order to use this license, users must first have the Axis Camera Station base software, either with the 4 camera license or with the 10 camera license.

Up to 50 licensed cameras can be managed by a single Axis Camera Station software program. When more than 50 cameras are required the installation of a second Axis Camera Station software program is necessary. Each analog camera connected to an Axis video server counts as an IP camera and therefore required its own license. However, other computers on the same network as the Camera Station PC can share the same Camera Station software for free.

While a Camera Station base program is always included with an Axis Surveillance Kit, it cannot be combined with another AXIS Camera Station software or Axis Surveillance Kit to provide access to more cameras. The only way to add cameras to an existing AXIS Camera Station software is to buy additional licenses.

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