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AVerMedia Hybrid DVR/NVR

Posted by FB on 2/5/2013
 For the last 20 years, AVerMedia has been one of the leading brands in the multimedia industry, proving it's quality and reliability to it's valued customers all over the world, time and time again. And now, TriStar Security Products is an authorized dealer of AVerMedia helping to provide you with easy access to their products along with the best prices in the industry. TriStar Security Products also has access to mid to high level analog cameras to help you with all your security and surveillance requirements. Once you've decided what you need, we can provide you with a detailed price quote, including cables, cameras, power supply, etc.

 TriStar Security Products brings to you the AVerMedia NEH1008HN. This unique product gives you the ability to combine both your older analog cameras and your newer IP cameras for recording in one single unit. It supports 50+ IP camera brands and provides license free IP channels for a hybrid solution to better suit your needs.

  A user friendly Graphical User Interface helps you to navigate your way around easily. Simply point and click for instant access to see who's coming and going at any time. It drastically reduces video file sizes as it maintains the integrity and quality of images. The enhanced system performance utilizes very little PC, CPU and RAM resources. Another great convenience of the NEH1008HN is its compatibility with iPhone, Blackberry, Android devices, remote computers and laptops with Internet connections. It is able to record and replay simultaneously and can be remotely accessed by a number of independent authorized viewers.

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